Our handy carpet brush is perfect for cleaning small areas of carpet. For small areas, why bother with big and heavy vacuum cleaners? Join the growing number of happy CrumbSweepers.com customers around the country!

Our carpet brush easily cleans dirt from small areas of carpet.

The rolling brush underneath picks up the dirt as you roll the sweeper.

The dirt gets collected inside.   After using the sweeper you simply remove the top and discard the dirt.

Additional details:
  • The price for each Carpet Sweeper is only $6.95. Shipping & Handling is a flat $3.95 fee, whether you order 1 or 100 sweepers.
  • Our Carpet Sweeper is for cleaning dirt, crumbs and other small particles from your carpet. It does not remove stains.
  • The Carpet Sweeper measures 6" x 2.6" x 1.25". We currently only have the sweeper in an all white design (pictures above show the gray design, which is currently out of stock).
  • Each Carpet Sweeper comes with a money-back 30 day guarantee.